Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Someday's Dreamers Volume 1 - Norie Yamada

first new manga i've read in a while. i've mostly been keeping up with the mangaverse through anime. which yes, i know, often differs substantially from its corresponding manga, but what can i say, i'm not that thrilled about spending $10 per volume for something that runs 30 volumes. someday's dreamers takes place in an alternate universe present day nagasaki. physically, it remains true (i think) to the way nagasaki is, there's even a bit of a travel guide in the back to the places mentioned in the manga. the twist is that in the nagasaki of someday's dreamers it is perfectly normal for people to have magical powers. the story centres around magic user nami and transfer student ryutaro. throughout the course of the first volume nami develops a crush on ryutaro who is seems to hate her for no apparent reason. i look forward to finding out how their relationship evolves.

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