Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Gingerbread - Rachel Cohn

the first in a trilogy about high school student cyd charisse. i picked this up because rachel cohn was part of the duo that wrote 'nick and norah's infinite playlist', which i thought was absolutely brilliant. one of those brilliant books that i keep trying to get others to read. plus it had one chapter in particular with what is perhaps the most excessive use of a particular four letter word in the space of a single page. i have such a sophomoric sense of humour. goats! i am pleased to say that cohn did not let me down. i love cyd. yes she's uber privileged, and angsty, but the the somewhat fanciful tone reminds me of a more down to earth francesca lia block ala weetzie bat. this is a great book for anyone who enjoys their chick lit with a little bit of an edge. as a final note cyd's parents are named sid and nancy, but are sadly not reincarnations of a certain pair of legendary punk rockers.

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