Saturday, September 8, 2007


i now officially have a rollyo account and have created a search roll for... wait for it, wait for it... comics! heh. i am a nerd. it works pretty well, i took a number of comics sites that i like and respect, added them to rollyo, and tested it out by searching for 'nightcrawler' and 'naruto'. it brought me right to articles discussing the latest nightcrawler comic, and how naruto is viz media's hottest manga title right now (i could have told you that). i wouldn't mind playing with this tool a bit more and refining my search sites by checking what sites other comic kids have listed and what links are recommended on the sites i visit and then cross referencing them to my search roll. but that dear friends is a task of, shall we say, superheroic proportions, and it is nearly midnight and if i don't go to bed soon i may turn into a pumpkin. you can link to my rollyo here:

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