Friday, August 10, 2007

The Short Bus - Jonathan Mooney

this is a bit of a mash-up of several genres. is it an autobiography? is a travelogue? is it a treatise on special education in the united states? perhaps one could call it a treatobiographlogue? that's right, i made up a new genre! but perhaps that is part of the point. mooney, who is dyslexic and ADD, struggled through the public school system in the united states always being told he was stupid, and desperately trying to fit into the round holes society has so nicely laid out for us to pop into. but what if you're not a round peg? there's all sorts of labels that then get thrusted upon people, and for good or bad, they are expected to live in the world with this label of "other" constantly hanging over their head. well, maybe it shouldn't all be about labels. maybe we should all extend our middle right hand digits in the general direction of all of the labels that are forced upon us and upon others and turn around and walk away. who knows what we might find.

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