Saturday, September 8, 2007

Shrimp - Rachel Cohn

that's right, i liked gingerbread so much i ran right out and read shrimp. and you can rest assured that i will be reading cupcake in the very near future. can rachel cohn do no wrong? i like to think so. just as good as gingerbread. cyd charise has entered into an era of household peace with parents sid and nancy, she is working things out with her tiny surfer artist boi shrimp, and is even making girlfriends for the first time in her life. just don't ask her to fill out a college application or she may go supernova. my favourite bit in this book? they mention rancid! hahaha, referring to tim and brody in a talk about t.r.u.e.l.o.v.e. and yes, who ever thought our favourite mohicaned punk rockers would get divorced, but it just goes to show.

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