Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Mobile Library: Mr. Dixon Disappears - Ian Sansom

you know how everyone has that "if only" career? it's often a bit of a joke, but somewhere, deep down, it really isn't? some people want to own a record store, or wax surfboards in tahiti. i'd really like to drive a bookmobile. how cool would that be? my friend's sister drove a bookmobile in guatemala for a while. anyway, where i'm going with this is that i really enjoy ian sansom's mobile library series because it's a little bit of vicarious wish fulfillment. except that israel armstrong, the main character, is such a poor sod who must have been poorly behaved in a past life in order to explain the amount of bad karma he experiences in sansom's books.

sansom has written another book aside from the mobile library series called "the impartial recorder". not only was it a great read, but it made excellent use of footnotes and a table of contents at the end that allowed you to easily access exactly where sushi was mentioned. very useful indeed.

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Sharon said...

I love reading about Israel Amstrong as well. He is sooooo odd!