Sunday, July 22, 2007

Keele Hall

Keele Hall
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it would seem that variety is the spice of life as this post has nothing to do with books. well it sort of does. peripherally. about 5 years ago i attended a university in england called keele. it was a great year, and this is where my english classes took place. (i told you there would be a peripheral connection to books.) anyway, i have uploaded this photo from my flickr account. if you want to see more photos of my time across the pond in old blighty click the link under the picture.


Judy Beth Armstrong said...

Hey Nadia,
Keele Hall looks like something out of a Harry Potter film. (Actually, they used Peter's college at Oxford for some of the filming...) What a wonderful place to spend a year. I'm envious! And I would like to see more. - Judy

Lucas said...

5 years ago, eh.. Hmmm.. That was one of the worst times in my life! At least someone I knew was happy.