Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack - M. E. Kerr

i ordered this book for the children and youth services department at the library fairly recently. despite the currency of the order the book itself is quite old: 1972. to be honest i had never heard of it (i guess i can't have heard of everything) and i chose it on the strength of its recommendations: best of the best books (ya) 1970-1983 (ala), 1972 notable children's book (ala), 1972 school library journal best books of the year, best children's book of 1972 (library of congress). you have to admit, those are some rather impressive laurels. and i have to admit they are pretty much well deserved.

although certain aspects of the book date it; there are peripheral mentions of the vietnam war, and there is a decided hippie-ness to some of the characters, these things are pretty subtle and to be honest i was looking for them. dinky hocker shoots smack was an enjoyable, easy read about looking at the way you live in your world and being able to understand where others are coming from. the cover quote sums it up well, "don't understand me too quickly."

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