Sunday, January 6, 2008

Verdigris Deep - Frances Hardinge

first off, i'd like to say what a great word verdigris is. it refers to the blue-green rust that appears on copper. just so you know. well, i would expect a book with such a great title to follow suit and i wasn't let down. an urban fantasy for the junior set, it was surprisingly darker and more suspenseful than i had expected. "verdigris deep" is the story of three friends, who in a desperate attempt to get money for a bus home steal coins from a wishing well in the woods. they are then press ganged into working for the witch of the well granting the wishes that belong to the coins that they stole. all three begin to develop strange powers and they learn that wishes are seldom made by people at their best. it would appear that there is an art to making a wish, but that it has largely been forgotten, and the manner in which these wishes are interpreted becomes twisted and cruel. i suppose that makes sense though. for example, everyone knows that when dealing with faeries you have to be very careful what you ask for as they are very literal beings. i suppose a well witch could be considered akin to a faerie. anyway, if you enjoy books of this genre, such as the writings of o. r. melling, or diana wynne jones, i suspect you would also like frances hardinge's work.

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