Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Plain Janes - Cecil Castellucci

woot! minx is dc comics new imprint, whereby the comics giant will publish books of a slightly more "indie" nature that are more aimed at a female readership. no superheroes with ultra-pneumatic bodies here kids. i've been eager to read something from minx since i first heard about it, and finally "the plain janes" landed in my hands. and am i happy it did! mod-ish "main jane" leaves the city after a terrorist attack that lands her in the hospital. her parents, fearing for their safety move them to the safe, yet intensely boring suburbs. on her first day at her new high school jane declines an invitation to sit with the rather catty "cool girls" and instead opts to sit at the loser table, which is populated by three other girls also named jane. the three girls initially ignore jane's overtures to friendship, but in the end she wins them over with a plan to brighten up their little part of suburbia. it's a great story and the characters are sympathetic, and i'm really hoping castellucci writes a sequel in order to tie up some plot lines that were left dangling.

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